The Hendricks Method • Sat, September 7 , @4:30P

The Hendricks Method • Sat, September 7 , @4:30P


The Hendricks Method

Instructors: The Studio Team

Saturday, Sept. 7th – 4:30pm-7:00pm

Ages 16+

The Hendricks Method is the primary methodology taught at the Black Acting Methods Studio. The method was identified and primarily developed by Sharrell D. Luckett. For years, Luckett studied the work of African American theatre director and teacher, Freddie Hendricks, and his success in training performers. Hendricks created full-length musicals and dramas with his acting students (often without a script). The Hendricks Method involves empowered authorship, musical sensibilities, spirituality, activism, ensemble building, reverence of Black culture, and originality. In the Studio, artistic partitions disappear. Actors are understood to be culturally specific, generative artists and share space in that way. In other words, actors are collaboratively working on creativity, voice, movement, and character all at once. While creating original work and opportunities, Hendricks Method trainees cultivate their “Hyper-Ego,” preparedness for healthy competition, focus, and mental health practices. Like many methods, the Hendricks Method is an invaluable practice to have in your actor toolbox, and can be used by diverse heritages.

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