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Goals of the Studio


…to make accessible, nationally and globally, knowledge and resources concerning the field and practice of Black Acting Methods.



…to train actors in the Hendricks Method, an inclusive performance methodology that pays special attention to the needs of Black actors in audition rooms, rehearsal halls, and in performance.



…to honor Black people as central creators, co-creators, and influencers of performance theory.



The mission of the Black Acting Methods Studio® is to offer performance training that uplifts, sustains, foregrounds, and values Black American culture and aesthetics in the artistic process.


Black Acting Methods…


…is a field that encompasses the study of performance methodologies grounded in Black American culture and aesthetics, primarily created by culturally Black artists.


…is a book that is a collection of methodologies, techniques, and processes grounded in Black American culture and aesthetics.


…are techniques where Black theory and Black modes of expression inform how actors engage with, create, and interpret texts that are meant to be performed.


…are inclusive to diverse heritages, while paying special attention to the needs of Black actors in audition rooms, rehearsal halls, and in performance.


…are specific and universal given its grounding in Afrocentric sensibilities and cultural connections to all heritages.


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The Studio Team

The Black Acting Methods Studio Team is comprised of leading industry professionals who have wide-ranging expertise in the performing arts.

A diverse cohort dedicated to excellence in teaching and the on-going success of their students, the Studio Team is ready to help you take your career to the next level.


Juel D. Lane

Executive Artistic Associate


Sharrell D. Luckett, PhD

Executive Director


Rahbi Hines

Executive Artistic Associate

Kashi Johnson-usethisone.png

Artistic Associate
Hip-Hop Theatre Techniques

Jonathan Mathias Lassiter.png

Artistic Associate
Black Psychology, Dance, & Performance


Artistic Associate
Music, Spirituality, & Performance


Artistic Associate
Spirituality, Curriculum, & Performance



Black Acting Methods:

Critical Approaches

Sharrell D. Luckett
with Tia M. Shaffer


"[Luckett and Shaffer have] achieved the highest aim of the professional life: to create the rubric that defines what comes next."

- Molefi Kete Asante

Black Acting Methods offers alternatives to the Euro-American performance styles that many actors find themselves working with. These methodologies are rooted in a critical framework that allows Afrocentric sensibilities and experiences to excite and invigorate approaches to performative scholarship. This ground-breaking collection is an essential resource for teachers, students, actors and directors seeking to reclaim, reaffirm or even redefine the role and contributions of Black culture in theatre arts.


The History

The Black Acting Methods Studio was founded by Sharrell D. Luckett in the fall of 2017 at her former institution, Muhlenberg College. The cohort consisted of nine students of various ethnic identities who were interested in learning more about the field of black acting methods and diverse performance methodologies. After completing several workshops, research sessions, and rehearsal observations, the students hosted a successful symposium at the college called Diversity in the Arts where they led classes on Color-Conscious artistry, Afrocentricity and the Arts, and Devising.