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The Studio recognizes the importance of mental health for Black actors. I can’t find this anywhere else.

– Emmanuel Hudson
Jasmine Kearse-Testimonial.png

It’s really inspiring as a black artist to know that I can create an entire alternative theatre practice. Finding that type of affirmation and becoming full on my culture and history, I really appreciate that.

– Jasmine Kearse

You will love it. You will leave a different person.

– @IamZoie
Danielle Smart.png

The Studio’s training stays with me. Whenever opportunity knocks, I’m ready.

– Danielle Smart

Mindblowing, empowering, universal. Just absolutely incredible.

– Zeynep Turanli

The Black Acting Methods Studio has impacted my acting career tremendously. It helps me love what I do and love who I am.

– Jeryl Pennyman

Being in the Studio has positively pushed me to be on top of my game and has allowed me to accomplish things that I could’ve never imagined. Because of the Studio I am a better actor, director, musician, dancer, creator, and overall person.

– Frederick Marte

As a Salvadoran American woman, the Black Acting Methods Studio has helped shaped my passion and desire for more racial representation within the industry. I am so grateful to have met talented actors who continue to challenge and critique roles in western plays that often simplify the lives of people of color.

– Karla Sagastizado

The Black Acting Methods Studio training changed my life. I’ve never been more empowered or in control of myself as an artist and South Asian woman.

– Amisha Datta
Kim Raven.png

The Studio is so unique and special. They speak truth to power, and make me feel more grounded in my art.

– Kim Raven

Black Acting Methods has changed the way I look at and approach performance, and has given me a platform to have a voice as well. Dr. Luckett has been nothing short of supportive and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with her.

– Robyn Phan

Everybody needs this training.

– Dariana Johnson