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Master Classes, Talks, & Residencies

Since its inception, the Black Acting Methods Studio has worked with nearly 40 institutions to deliver cutting-edge training, touching the lives of hundreds of acting enthusiasts. As we continue to expand our reach nationally and internationally, we are happy to continue offering Master Classes, Talks, and Residencies at your acting studios and institutions.


The absolutely noble undertaking of this work is valuable beyond measure and should become a part of standard teaching materials for acting not only at HBCUs, but everywhere.

- Dr. W. R. Coleman, Theatre Chair, Alabama State University


The Black Acting Methods workshop was dynamic, informative, and important for our student body. The event opened several meaningful conversations between students and faculty, and created new relationships within the university. The Studio’s engaged, energetic and positive presence made a strong impact on our students.

-Jane Cox, Director of Theater, Princeton University


One-on-One Coaching

Whether you are preparing for a role or simply interested in on-going training, the Studio offers coaching sessions tailored to your specific needs:

  • audition preparation (monologues, sides, call-backs, dance, voice, script analysis, etc.)

  • college audition & materials consultation

  • culturally responsive, personalized attention



Online Institute

The Black Acting Methods Institute is an online space for courses in Black Acting Methods, actor coaching, and various certifications.

To learn more about the Online Institute and offerings, click the button below:


As a professor and actor whose foundation is grounded in Stanislavski, I was able to couple those techniques with those of the Studio to develop well rounded actors. I highly recommend the book and a visit from the Studio. The experience will be life changing.

-Phil Burgess, Theatre Arts Professor, Morgan State University


What is the Hendricks Method?


Freddie Hendricks
B. 1954


The Hendricks Method is a performance methodology identified and primarily developed by Sharrell D. Luckett, a practitioner and instructor of the Hendricks Method. Luckett studied the work of Freddie Hendricks (b.1954), an African American theatre director and teacher who created full-length musicals and dramas with youth and young adults, often without a script. Hendricks trained students primarily at the esteemed Tri-Cities High School in Atlanta, GA, and in his theatre company, the Freddie Hendricks Youth Ensemble of Atlanta. Scores of Hendricks’ trainees went on to have successful careers in theatre, television, and film.

The Hendricks Method involves empowered authorship, musical sensibilities, spirituality, activism, ensemble building, reverence of Black culture, and creation without a script. In addition to focusing on the breath, the body, confidence, mental health, and imagination, The Hendricks Method also:

…develops culturally grounded, and versatile actors who can work and create with or without scripts.

…is trans-medium, making it applicable to performance in theatre, television, and film.

…nurtures spiritual aspects of the creative process.

…assists actors in developing and applying psychological tools for cultural affirmation and resilience in the audition rooms and acting studios.

…encourages activist and social justice work in and with performance.

…values the complexities and challenges of what it means to be a working Black actor in America.